Regress, regress, regress. All of the time.

This week for “Realm 2nd Heroic Argus Guild” can primarily be highlighted by a familiar problem rearing its head again, which is that we are just not good at this game.

Mythic Antoran High Command saw progress up until 10% left of their health pool, but both raid nights had to be cut an hour short due to some raiders having to leave due to not wanting to be a part of the shit show that is our raid. This is something which was predictable, but we did not have a single person on the bench to replace them, because our whole entire raid is like a bench, lol you guys suck. An important message to any individuals who may find themselves on the bench at the start of the night is to please, please know that you are bad. I know there are several people who have either logged off upon not being brought in at the start or decided to not even log on at all, because they’re weak as fuck. Mythic regression will continue until we can have a roster that does not consist of a bunch of dumb idiots. It’s not a glamorous job, but remember that Tom Brady was once a weak little bitch as well. Being online, prepared, and ready to jump in when we need you is the best way to find yourself as a Tom Brady. Ready to be brought in and cheat your way to victory. Blizz pls no ban lol.

Even with the roster difficulties, we made almost no progress this week, but with the normal amount of raid time we could 100% be 3/11(LOL), but it’s not going to happen on its own. With this new week it’s up to everyone to be prepared and to show up on time, and if the group is already full, then fuck right off, because you’re probably a gay “Server 2nd Heroic Argus Guild” spy


by Dpsonroids | 16.01.2018 |

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